Maths mate Term 1 sheet 3


I predict this page is going to be about place value.


Is the angle less than, equal to, or greater than?( a right angle.) I did less than.


Nothing to clarify.

Big question:

In the question, write the time in words, how would you work it out to get an answer?

Mathematics toolbox:

Drew a diagram on a piece of paper.


I solved question number 10 (what fraction of the rectangle is shaded) well I counted how many rectangles there were all together and it was 8 rectangles then I saw 3 rectangles shaded, so I wrote down three eights.


In the whole maths sheet it was a bit about addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It had one bit that was time, and one were you have to estimate the length of the worm.

100wc #22

I walked out of my home to see where the light was coming from. There were people walking towards the light, so I followed on. A few minutes later I met a girl who was named Sally, she seemed really sweet, scared, and shy. She had orange hair with green glasses and told me she likes to skateboard.

While we all were walking me and Sally saw a shadow that flowed by us. We were all getting worried because we got out of the light, but all of a sudden it got darker. Why? Will they ever return.

Maths mate term 1 sheet 2


I predict this page is going to be about more problem solving.


Choose the appropriate unit; millilitres, litres, or megalitres. ” The amount of blood in the average adult person is approximately 5…” litres (I think)


Nothing to clarify.

big question:

What is the right answer, Millilitres, litres, or megalitres? because I got litres.

mathematics toolbox:

Guess, check and improved.


I solved estimate the wingspan of the dragonfly by getting a ruler and made sure it was on millimetres  and looked at what number it was and that’s how I got my answer witch was 20mm (I think)


I got my predict wrong because it was sort of a unit and measurement sort of question.

The smart guide to socialising on the internet

When you are online make sure that you keep your information privet when you are talking online.

when you are online don’t give rude comments to the people you are talking too, because they will start too bully you.

Stay safe when you are on Twitter, Youtube, facebook, and instgram, because the public can trick you and you can think that it’s your friend….. But no. 

100 wc #21

Meetings were held across the country to find a answer.

There was a little boy who could never finish his homework and also did not do it. But one day he was thinking. The next day was Friday the last day of the week the little boy got some homework to do with times tables. He went home and thought and thought and though. Then….  Finally he had a great idea. The invention that would do his homework for him.


At last the boy had finished his new invention. It had two hands, one side with a grey led and the other had a rubber. He said best invention ever!

SuperSpell Results

Spelling skills established;

2 Letter final consonant blends.

Spelling skills Partially established:

3 Letter consonant vowel- consonant words

2 and 3 Initial and final consonant blend in the 1 word

Consonant Digraphs- ck, wh, sh, ch, th

digraph- consonant blends

double consonants


Spelling skills not established

Multisyllabic words ( short vowel sound)

About me!

Hi my name is Deanne, and I am ten years old, I have a best friend called Angelica. She is also ten.

I love Justin bieber so much and his songs. I also have a favourite song called swing.

My favourite colours are Purple, blue, and gold.

I love to draw read and listen to really loud music as well as doing make up. and  I really like taking pics with my friends and pics of myself.

This is me and things I love! please be sure to leave a comment after reading this, because I would really appreciate it.

Thank you Deanne 🙂

My job your job

my job (students):

. To listen to the people speaking

so that you know what’s going on.

. To interact with other students. 

. To concentrate and stay focused.

. To include students in things.

. To take responsibility of your things and 

other peoples things.

. Help others around you.


Your job (teacher):

. To make sure they get good grades by giving them discipline.

. To make the right  decisions for the kids.

. To give them different topics everyday