100wc #27

Why would you like to be a Night Zoo keeper?

There was a family, mum, dad,and two sisters there names were Angelica and Deanne. They got there mum to drop them of at the zoo because  they wanted to go there on there own. There was lots of different animals there, there was tigers, elephants, butterflys, monkeys and much more. There favourite animals there were the monkeys. so they went to the monkeys first. Then they went to the butterflys, then the tigers, then the elephants.

After they saw all there favourite animals in there order, they ate dinner. They bought fish and chips.

After Angelica and Deanne finished there fish and chips there mum was in the car waiting for them. When the girls got home they shared with there mum and dad what they did at the zoo, then they put on there night gowns and went to bed.

Maths Mate Term 1 sheet 7


I predict that this is going to be about mental thinking.


In question 13 it says, something + 4=(4 times 5) and in the blank spot, I filled in 20.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify

Big question: In question 10 I don’t really get it but I had a go and my answer was 0.8

Mathematics toolbox:  Draw a picture

Solve: In question 8 it said 94 divided by 4 =, to work it out, I did 4 into 8 is 2, then I did 4 into 4 and I got 1, so altogether I got 21.

Summary: In sheet 7 for this weeks maths mate it was about problem solving, time, measurement, and more. In one of the question something + 11 = 25, and I did 14, so 14 + 11 = 25.






Problem pictures egg timer

Predict: We Predict this will be about time.

Read:  here is the link that we have looked on http://www.problempictures.co.uk/examples/op12.htm

Big question:How could you use the timer to measure 6 minutes?

My tool: Guess, check and improve

Answer: We didn’t understand  the question so we had a go and we thought each of the timers takes 1 minute for the sand to the top to the bottom.And that was our answer.

Summary: If your a very strong mathematicians you will understand this but Deanne and I wanted to challenge ourselves and we did a good job.

100wc #26


It was a great Sunday morning, Jessica and her friend Mackenzie was on their way to the zoo to see the animals.

They were finally at their favourite area were the monkeys were. But Mackenzie and Jessica nearly got bitten by the monkeys. Then they went all the way to the butterflies. Jessica said look up! Can you see! Up there is a whole bunch of blue butterflies. They were so pretty.

Later that day  Jessica and Mackenzie went back home and when they got home they were so tired. When they got home they sat on the couch, ate dinner, got dressed, and went into bed.


























Maths mate term 1 sheet 6

Predict: I think this page is going to be about measurement and problem solving.

Read: In question 15, it says 5 + something = 13, I did 8, because all I did was thought of a number to fill in the missing spot.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Big question: In question 15 (5 + something = 13) I did 8, but does it have to be 8, or could it be all different types of numbers?

Mathematics toolbox: Guess, check, and improve.

Solve: I  solved question 5 (33 + 51 + 12) by adding 3, 2 and 1 which was 6. Then I added 5, 3 and 1 which was 9, so my answer was 96.

summary: In today’s maths mate sheet I got some questions right and some wrong, and one of the questions were how many of these objects are  likely to have an area more than 1 hectare?

A national park

A soccer field

A child’s sand pit

Or an airport.

I did National park, soccer field and an airport.


Maths Mate Term 1- Sheet 5


I think this page is going to be about measurement.


What is the place value of the digit 7 in the number 473? I did tens.


Nothing to clarify.

Big question:

In question 17 it says writ the time in digital form, the time on the clock that I wrote was 8 25, how would I know that the minute hand is the 8 or 25, and how would I know the hour hand is the 8 or 25?

Mathematics Toolbox:

Diagram and knowledge.


I solved question 22, (what is the sum of the numbers on the die) the numbers were 5, 4, and , all I did was added them up all together and the answer that I got was 10.


in this weeks sheet it was about addition, subtraction, multiplication , division, measurement, and lots more. One of the questions I did was 9 times something = 2 times 9. What I did was drew brackets in between 2 times 9, then I times 9 by 2 and I got 18 so I kept that in mined, then I went on to 9 times something, thought of a number, my number was 18 then I said it altogether, 9 times 18=(2 times 9) that’s what I did.


Maths mate term 1 sheet 4


I think this page is going to be about problem solving.


Choose an appropriate unit: grams, kilograms or tonnes. ” The sir Donald  Bradman statue at the Adelaide oval weighs 450 what…. I did grams.



nothing to clarify.

Big question:

In question 11 it says 4 tenths = something hundredths, I thought it would be 4 but then I thought no it might be something else, well what would I do do work it out and get the an answer?


Mathematics toolbox:

I used guess and check, (and knowledge)


I solved question number 5, which was 122 + 311+ 504=… I worked it by adding 4,2,and 1 ( because you start with the larger number) 4 2 and 1 equals 7 so I wrote that down. Then I added 2, 1, and 0 and that was 3 because 0 means nothing. Then I added 5,3, and 1 which equals 9, so that’s how I worked it out, and altogether that equals 937.


In this weeks maths sheet it was basically problem solving, one of the equations were 1382 times 10, and the answer  I got was 13820.