Read like a Writer

The ideas in this book is that Jodie’s dad reviles that he is going to get married to Carla. And the idea is to find out the mystery of Jodie’s mum and dad to see if they become a family again.

The writer organizes the book in a different set up.  She sometimes has the chapters long  if she outs more detail and information. but sometimes she has small chapters  if she doesn’t have as much detail and information.

In my book, the voice is basically Jodie speaking. But sometimes there is direct speech.

In my book the words are strong and sharp.Sometimes there are boring words, such as happy and  sad, and so on.

The writer in the book makes words and sentences strong and good when reading out loud.

In the book it doesn’t really have exclamation marks. Only if some one was yelling  in the book. But there hardly is no yelling except for two parts  when Jodie’s step sister (Samantha) always screams at  her because Jodie always gets the better stuff.


Read like a reader

I have a few questions for this book. Why does Jodie want to keep her secret a secret? And why is Jodie feeling weird and frustrated. I think that Jodie might be sad, weird and frustrated because she probably wants her mum and dad back together. And she probably wants to keep her secret a secret because she wants it just between her mum and dad and her so she can get her parents back together.

I think Randa Abdel Fattah (the author) is going to write in the book next about how Jodie is now feeling about her parents and family. I think Jodie is now felling upset and annoyed because Jodie’s mum is alone and her dad is thinking about getting married with another women (Carla).

I figured out that Jodie had been writing all the different feelings in her book she found in the wall when she was cleaning the classroom. I think her feeling were frustrated, depressed, weird, unusual and so on.

This book reminds me of me in year 3/4  because I was kind of a girl who was needless and always corrected on. And every time I got something wrong some one would correct me.

During the book I felt emotional and sad because if I had a separated family,  things wouldn’t be how they used to be.

This book is good because it feels the it comes to life. And puts you in the book. But some parts were kind of boring because it didn’t have enough detail. If I was to rate this book I would give it a 4 out of 5, because it entertains me, and sometimes makes me laugh.


Books are better than television: agree

I am writing this to tell you that books are better than television. Television is not something you always need to watch,and there’s a few reason’s why.

Books are better education for kids then television because, when you always watch television and see something bad, some day you would probably go and copy what they have done and you will do it.

If you go and watch television every day, eventually you get bad eye sight from sitting so close and always watching television. Some families don’t want to have television for there kids education and eye sight, and even for the parents education and eye sight. Some families don’t even have television. And some kids hate to watch television. Every now and then, there are so many kids wearing glasses because of the television, and even just too close to the television.

Television is the worst education for kids and even adults. Just STOP your kids from watching television every single day of their life’s The only time recommended for kids and adults to watch television is defiantly  for the news, or at least one show at certain times.

It’s good to read books because you can visualise all the picture’s in your head as you read. Authors write books  to entertain you and to inspire you to write and draw your own books to become a successful author.

There for  I expect all kids and adults to stop watching television all the time and to start reading books to get a better education. When reading books you could sit in your favourite spots. It could be the couch, behind the couch, in a corner, in the car, in bed, standing up, and so on. I now believe all children and adults have changed there minds now.

Deanne 🙂

Balloon Madness!

”Yay”! I get to go on an air balloon for my birthday.” Said Lilly

Today is the 16th of May and its my birthday! I get to go on on air balloon. Mums just getting ready then were going to leave.

Were finally at the park were our air balloon is set up ready for us to hop in. Me and mum sit in the air balloon ready to take off. The guy let us go and up, up, up, up and away we go! Me and mum are having so much fun up in here. I say this is the best birthday ever!

We can see so many white fluffy clouds, and they look like cotton candy. We also can  see tiny little people that look like tiny little ants. There’s also other air balloons that me and mum can see.

POP! “um.. What was that  mum?” Lilly said in a worried voice.

” I’m not so sure, I think the air balloon has a hole in it and popped.” Said Lilly’s  mum.

Lucky mum has her phone with her, because then we can call the guy who let the rope go for us to go up, and he will  bring us some sticky tape in his helicopter. He will find  us easy because our air balloon number is 6. That’s my favourite number too.

” Finally we have sticky tape!” Said Lilly.

Now we can mend the air balloon.

” DONE!” Said Lilly in a happy tone.

Now that the air balloon has been fixed, we can keep on flying up in our air balloon. Me and mum have got down and out of the air balloon now, ready to go back home for some yummy birthday cake. This wasn’t the best birthday I was expecting because the disaster of the air balloon. But something to make my birthday even better is to hang out with my mum  at home and eat cake.

When me and mum  arrived home we went straight to the kitchen to have my yummy birthday cake. After our cake we played out side and played chasey  with our dog. And later on we watched some of our favourite movies. I know my whole family was not there to be with me, but it still was the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

The next morning I woke up extra early so I could open up my birthday presents. My parents got me a penny bored skate bored that I had always wanted. From by best friend, she got me a brand new Ipod and a big frame full of different pictures of us now and in the past. From my grandma and grandpa, they got me 100 dollars each. And from my aunty, uncle, and two cousins, they got me perfume, money, and nail polish. And more people got me presents.

They are my favourite presents I have ever received. For the rest of the day my mum took me out for lunch and roller skating. We also rode my new penny bored.Later on some of my friends came over to celebrate. And told them all the presents I got. I also got more money from my god mother, god farther,god sister and god brother so I could by my very own Ipad.

100wc Week #36

It is Easter already! I  have been waiting for Easter for a long long time so that means it is a quarter through the year. The year is going really fast. My favourite part about the chocolate and presents that I get from my family.

This year for Easter I got lots and lots of chocolate from my family. I got lots of presents too. But I wont say the presents I got, because I just have so much presents.

I finally opened a Easter egg  because that day I was craving for chocolate. But when I had opened my Easter egg heaps and heaps of cream came out and little people. What?

Maths Mate Term 2 S7 Q20

Predict: I predict that this question is going to be about locations and were to go.

Read: In this question it is basically telling me we am i now if I turned left from the family room.

Clarify: No clarifications.

Big Question:  How many steps do you need to take to get top the dining room\kitchen?

Mathematics Toolbox: I used draw a diagram.

Solve: I solved this question by starting in the family room with my finger then moved it to my left were I was in the dining room\kitchen.

Summary: This question was about locations and transformation. it also was about were you go and were you are left.


Maths Mate Term 2 S6 Q18

Predict: I predict this question is going to be about measuring.

Read: I need to see how many squares can fit in the large shape.

Clarify: No clarifications.  

Big question: How would I know how many squares there are exact?

Mathematics Toolbox: I used guess, check and improve.

Solve: How I solved this question is to count the lines because if I counted the squares I wouldn’t know the right answer because the shape is not a shape that has the same size sides like a  square, because squares have  all the same sized sides.

Summary: This question was about counting how many squares could fit in the bigger shape. If you want you could use measurement to help.

The five big questions: Jodie this is the book of you

Big Question #1: What makes this book good?

I think Jodie this is the book of you book is good because if you did have a separated family you would know the details of the book to take a choice. Also something that makes this book good  is that you want to know what happens next because Jodie makes up a plan for getting her parents back together, but you would’t  know what happens next.

Big Question #2: What would make this book better?

I think something that will make this book better if the author puts a bit more of a mystery in it so that the readers can get more of a guess and more of a think to know what happens next.  Some parts in this book needs a bit more detail because some readers may not get it.

Big Question #3: What’s the one most important thing the author wants you to know?

I think the author( Randa Abdel- Fattah) wants me to know that if I had a separated family is to know that all that matters is that you have a mum and dad and to be happy.

Big Question #4: Why did the writer write this? 

Maybe because she got inspired to write this story because  she could of had a separated family, and had gotten picked on at school.

Big Question #5: What does the audience need to know to understand and enjoy the book?

All the audience needs to know is that if you do have a separated family is to stay calm and be  happy because you should appreciate that you have a mum, dad, and even a sibling.


The 5 facts of fiction

Fact 1: The fiction is all about the charters

The main character is Jodie who is 14 years old and has a separated family. she is also getting picked on  at school. Jodie’s dad is getting married with another women and Jodie is not happy with it because Jodie doesn’t want her mum on her own.

 Fact: 2 fiction is all about what your charter wants 

What Jodie really wants is to have a happy family and 2 great best friends, because Jodie hated to have a step mum (Carla) and a step sister (Samantha).Jodie hates Samantha because when Jodie is at her dads house Samantha gets everything she wants. And Jodie just hates Carla.

Fact: 3 Fiction is all about how your charter gets or does not get what he or she wants 

Jodie wants to get her family back together because things are not how they used to be. It used to be when Jodie’s mum and dad took her out for ice cream on the weekend. But that does not happen any more because her family is not together any more.

Fact: 4  Fiction is all about how the charter changes

Jodie was so happy at the start when her parents were together but a few months later they divorced because Jodie’s mum was a clean freak and her dad was so messy that’s when Jodie started to change.