Maths mate Term 3 S3 Q11

Predict: I predict that this question is going to be about fractions and decimals.

Read:  Complete the number line.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Big Question: Why don’t they have 0.1 at the start and 1 half, why do they start with 3 10ths and 0.3?

Mathematics Toolbox: I used guess, check and improve.

Solve: What I did to solve it was looked at 4 10ths then I said what number comes after 4, witch is 5 so I wrote it like 5 10ths. And did the same thing to the end. Then with the decimals it stared with 0.3 so I did the what comes after 3 witch is 4 so I did 0.4.

Summary: This question was about decimals and fractions. And it was aslo in number order.


POE Chart-Rusting Experiment

Milk carton in salt water  to prevent  rust It isn’t going to rust because the plastic is preventing it from rusting. The plastic has helped prevent the nail from rusting so far. The nail looked the same from how we first got it (brand new)
Nail in salt water We think it will rust because nothing is there to prevent it. Rusting at the top of the nail.The bottom of the nail is going black. Now that the nail is out of the salt water  (h2o) the bottom is lighter than it was before. When we took the nail out of the water the bottom