Maths Mate T3 S4 Q6

Predict: I predict that this question is going to be about subtraction (obviously) and borrowing numbers to turn them into bigger numbers.

Read: [large numbers-]

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Big Question: In subtraction why do you borrow the number to make a bigger number, instead of the bottom numbers.

Mathematics Toolbox:  I used guess, check and improve and also a bit of draw a diagram because some bits I needed to work out.

Solve: What I did to solve this question was took away 3 from 7, but that doesn’t work, so I went to the next number (which was 6) then I crossed out the 6 and made it into a 5 then carried the 1 on top of the 3 to do 13 take away 7, which is 5. Then I did 5 take away 3 which is 2. And the last step I did was 8 take away 4 which is 4 and I knew that easily because half of 8 is 4.

Summary: This question was about borrowing numbers to make them into a bigger and different number to get the right answer.