Application for school captain

My name is Deanne Karipidis, and I have been at this school since prep. In year 3 I took part in the green team taking care of the environment. My sister, (Paris Karipidis) has been at this school for 7 years, and now has gone off to high school in year 7. When she was at this school she didn’t get any rolls, and whenever the house captains and vice captains need help, she was always there for it.


I am a very organized person. For example, I am organized with most of my homework, and have only missed one day of it, (which Dear classmates and teachers,

is my maths mate). I’m also organized with bringing in important notes on time.


I communicate with others very well, for example, when someone is hurt or upset in the yard, I care for them and try and solve the problems. I’m always questioning on work when I’m stuck to understand whatever I am working on.


I can interpret different and new ideas, as well as experiences throughout my learning. I am often asked to do tasks by the classroom teacher.

Kind Regards,

Deanne Karipidis