What I’m looking forward to for 2015

Next year I’m looking forward to performing arts because I love acting and want to be an actress when I’m older, and because I only did it once this year.  My best friend Angelica is moving schools next year, and I’m going to find it hard because she’s like a sister to me, and we are always being crazy and seeing each other everyday.

Other than that, me and Angelica will still be in touch, such as seeing each other on day’s off, holidays, weekends, birthdays, and so on.

Another thing I’m looking forward to for 2015 is graduation because when moving into high school, you can start fresh and meet more new friends.

I’m looking forward to excursions and incursions, because I can learn and enjoy new and interesting things along the way.

I’m also looking forward to what teacher I’m getting because some of the 5/6 teaches have parties and some don’t.

I’m really looking forward to leader ship roles, such as house captain and vice captain. A few days ago all the year 5’s had to write a speech about why we wanted to be a house captain. I hope I get the role of house captain, or vice captain for Mcurther  2015, but I would be happy to get either house or vice because I know I can improve  and exceed people in Mcurther for 2015.

I’m looking forward to buddies that I will be doing again from this years buddies to next next years buddies. This year I didn’t really have a buddy because there wasn’t, so I  shared  with Lydia’s buddy Matilda.

Year 5 and 6’s get lots of work and homework, but when I get to high school it will be getting harder, so that’s why they make 5/6 work a little hard, so that were ready for high school.

I’m looking forward to next year is English a maths ( sort of) because I am really slow on maths and English a lot and now that Angelica won’t be on my side I will be more focussed and will get better.

I’m really excited for getting a top locker, because it’s really hard to bend down and squash your bag in, and its really dark at the bottom.

Camp Recount – Canberra

On the 24th of November was the 1 week of Canberra camp. It was hard to say goodbye to our parents, and be separated for a week.

The whole of Monday was a bus trip that went for about 10 hours. I sat next to Angelica and had a laugh the whole there. We had three stops, for recess, lunch and bathroom break. We watched a movie after lunch on the bus to settle down a bit, we watched toy story 3.

When we finally got to green hills, were we found out who and what cabins we were in. I was in row D room 17 with Angelica :), Alyssa, and Fidelya. Once we had unpacked, done our beds and settled in the loud horn went of which meant it was dinner, for dinner we had chicken schnitzel, potato’s, veggies, and a mini roll spread  with butter. It was really yummy. After dinner, table by table made there lunches for the next day, I put in my roll was, lettuce, cucumber,and chicken bits, and put the same thing in my bread everyday. Once we had finished in the dinning room, we went and got ready for bed.

On Tuesday Morning we had a busy day.We had to wake up at 7:00 am to get dressed clean up as fast as we could before we heard the loud horn go off for breakfast. And for breakfast the first morning, we had bacon, egg, toast, caned spaghetti, and baked beans. There were so many options to choose from.

After breakfast we were ready to start the day by going to the National Museum of Australia in group 1 and group 2, (we just did it by bus 1 and bus 2 as the other). When we split in our groups we explored Australia’s place in global net work ,that represents our nation stories of history. There were lots of interesting things that I really wanted to learn more about.

After great learning of history, we went to the National film and sound Archive to learn about the sound effects during silent black and white films, and what we made sound effects for it.

Later on after the film and sound we went to Questacon!  We did lots of fun and interesting things. We went into this cool science and Technology centre that was similar to science works. There was also a really big and steep slide. If going on the slide you put on a suite be safe, then hold on to a bar at the top, then let go when you were ready, then slide down really fast. It was sure a lot of fun by the looks of it, but I didn’t go on it.

Me and Ore went to the gift shop they had there to by a souvenir  to remember that we were there. I bought a cool spiny hat.

We were running out of time, but we had to go back to our camp cabins to rest before dinner. For dinner the second we had pasta with mini roll spread with butter. That night was the night we went to the AIS swimming pools, but I didn’t swim. At 9:30 pm, we were back at our cabins for bed.

Wednesday morning we woke up at 7:00 am bright and early again, ready to start another busy day. For breakfast we had toast and cereal. Then after breakfast we went back to our cabins to brush out teeth and hair, etc, to go to the electoral Education centre. What we did there, was learn about federal electoral system, and all about voting for government, but we did a vote out of apple, peach, banana, and orange. Once we voted for what fruit we wanted, we put the piece of voting paper in the box.

After the electoral education centre, we moved on too the museum of Australia to have a good look around about history.

We went to the Australian war memorial to learn about the anzac legacy, and discuss items. We had a tour of the Australian war memorial area, such as inside a big centre/room , were there was a big grave/coffin of one of the solders that had died in war. There were also a really really long plaque wall of I think over 1000 names of the people who died in war.

It was towards the end of day and we headed back to green hills (camp site) ready for dinner, before we went off to the black mountain tower AKA the Telstra  tower to have a 360 degree view of Canberra and surrounding the country side. We had arrived at 7:30pm to have a great of Canberra. When we went on the edges of the Telstra tower, it was so high and windy. We headed back to green hills to our cabins to get into bed ready for Thursday.

For breakfast Thursday morning was pancakes, that were so yummy. After breakfast we had been taken to the new parliament house to have a guided tour to learn more about the house of representatives witch is the green room, and the senate which is the red room. We  had a lunch break after all that, because by then I’m sure that everyone would of been hungry.

Once we had all finished lunch, we had another exciting stop at the CSIRO disovery to learn more about science. We also watched a 3D show on the big screen in a mini room still in CSIRO.

For the last activity of the day, we went to the Australian institute sport for a great sport experience. And also we had a tour of elite athletes personal experience that we had even seen a famous sporting champion in training. After the tour of seeing, volleyball, gymnastics, and many more, we were aloud to have free time, and try out cool sport activities.

We headed back to green hills to have dinner and movie night, all 5/6’s from mpps watched mr. pea-body and Sherman and ate snacks and watched the movie altogether in one room. At 9:30 the movie had finished and went straight to bed because it was past the bed time schedule, although we had great fun and laughed lots while watching the movie.

Friday morning, was the last day at Canberra, and the day we go home. For breakfast we just had toast, with all different spreads. After everyone had finished breakfast we got all our luggage from our cabins, making sure that we didn’t forget anything, so that the bus coach/driver could storage it in the bus ready to go HOME!!! I sat next to Angelica again on the way home.  still had 3 breaks, one for morning tea, lunch, and bathroom break.

After lunch we watched a movie, it was called finding Nemo. The bus drive home was about 10 hours as it was on the way to Canberra.

After about 10 hours we were finally BACK AT SCHOOL WERE ALL OUR PARENTS WERE WAITING FOR US TO  ARRIVE! As I saw my mum and dad I ran as fast as I could into there arms in the sign of love meaning that I missed them the whole week and thinking about them.

I was so glade and happy and safe to be back home to be with my family, but apart from my sister that Friday when I got home because she was at her friends house for a sleep over. When me and my mum and dad arrived home I went straight to the couch to have a sleep, that was bout 2 hours.

That was my 1 week at Canberra for camp and now so glad to be back home.


Poem- Six Room image process

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Poem: The football ground 

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe football ground,


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ,bright, why so bright?

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxit’s loud,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxpeople are cheering,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxpeople are, jumping,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwe won,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxand we are proud,


I did this by using the 6 room image poem. I started with room 1, that leads to something that is amazing, beautiful or interesting, I based mine on when I went to the football match, and I jot down some interesting things that I  saw there like: Big/large   football ground 


Then for room 2, that leads to the colours I saw, it could be dark or bright.

For room 3, it leads to what you can hear, such as the loud voices, the silence, or the movement.

The room 4 leads to, the questions that you have about the image you thinking of in you head. Such as a question you want to know, or a question.

Then room 5 is, the feelings, that you are feeling while writing and thinking about what you seeing in your head.

And room 6, that leads to, were you have to go back through all the previous rooms and ideas to choose a word or line or phrase that feels important to repeat it 3 times.

And this is my poem: 

Blue sea,

whistling to my ear,

sparkling in my eye,

I wonder, how, does the sea, shine, so bright.

Procedural Text: How to do a fishtail braid

Here’s a quick and easy tutorial on how to do a fishtail braid in your hair.

Materials Needed:

  • 2 hair ties (or you could use 1) ( and if you want you could hair elastics  if you want.)
  • Bobbie pins (optional)
  • Hair accessories (optional)
  • Brush\comb


1. First, brush your hair till smooth.

2. Next, put your hair on the side a tie it.

3. Then, spilt your hair into two even sections.

4. Take one small piece of hair from one section, and bring it to the middle.

5. Then  do the same thing with the other section of hair, so take a small strip of hair from one section and bring it to the middle.

6. With the first strip of hair you took from one section add that piece to the other section.

7. Do the same thing to the end of your hair and tie it.

And that’s how you can do a cool  looking  fishtail braid in you hair.

You might not quit get it right the first few times but keep practising and you will get it!

Read like a writer: what do you think feezal?

yesterday we had a  lesson  on read like a writer, and it’s all about the 6 traits of writing. The 6 traits of writing are, ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions.

1.  Ideas are the main idea of the story, and the main idea in the book I read (what do you think feezal?) was a girl named Bean who moves into a new apartment in Sydney with her family.

2.  Organization is when the author puts a mystery and interesting  part of the book in it so that it causes the audiences attention to see what will happen next.

3. Voice is the expressions and emotions that the character is feeling, for example: The sentence ends in an exclamation mark, or a question mark so that the reader can answer the question in he/she’s mind.

4. Word Choice is the choice of the word that the author uses for the title to get the reader to read the book.

5.  Sentence Fluency is when the fluency doesn’t work and the writing doesn’t make sense any more.

6. Conventions is all about the punctuation, for example: There’s no full stop at the end of the sentence, or there’s no capital letter at the start at the sentence, or that it doesn’t make sense.

After we had complete our task, we had to do a goal reflection like we also do at the end of our lesson’s. We had to write 3 things we learnt and know about read like a writer. Down below is my goal reflection. \/

I learnt that when we write, we make the piece intense by making a long sentence. I also learnt that you have to go over and double check every single word, so that it makes sense.



Maths mate T4 S8 Q15

Predict: I predict t hat this question will be about number patterns, and counting down.

read:[number pattern/equations]

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Big Question: No big question.

Solve: I solved this by  using my 2 times tables, 4 time tables and 3 times tables. I did the same to get 16 and 12.

Summarise:  This question was pretty easy to work with, but the difficult thing about it was counting down by 2’s, 4’s, and 3’s, and to remember what  number you up too.

Maths Mate T4 S7 Q18

Predict: I predict that this question is going to be about volume and height.

Read: [measuring]

Clarify: Nothing to clarify

Big Question: Which prism has the greater volume?

Solve: What I did to solve this question was, count by 2’s, and find out which one was larger, A was 28, and B was 30, so B was the prism that was greater.

Summarise: This question was pretty easy to solve, I used the sum, height, times width, times depth to figure it out.


Podcast- What do you think Feezal?

This term we have been in a groups reading a book altogether that is called literacy circles. In my group I have Angelica, Luca, tom, India and Cian.  The literacy book we were reading is called, what do you think freezal? by Elizabth Honey. We all got different roles, Angelica’s role was the tally master, Luca’s role was the connector, Tom’s role was the discussion director, India’s role was contesser of comprehension,Cian’s role was the passage master, and my role was the word watcher, were I have to find 5 words in the book that I don’t understand or know what they say.

Once we had finished the book, our task was to make a pod cast on out net books. My role for our pod cast is a host which I’m doing with Cian. The host is the main bit of the pod cast, that talks about what they will be talking about on the radio and what’s happening, and who the guests are, etc.

I was also in the ad for what do you think feezal with Angelica, and what we had to talk about was what we thought about the book by describing it in words, and saying at the end read the book, what do you think feezal?

And another part I got to do was interview  the  author of the book Elizabeth Honey that India was being. I asked here questions about what inspired her to write the book, and how she felt about  writing it.

After we had finished our whole pod cast we edited the whole thing and put  it all together.

My favourite bit of the book was when bean finds out that she has her own little library in her new room, and a really big window with a great view.

After that we gave the audacity file to our teacher Lee, and all the other 5/6 teaches listened to it.


100wc week #14

As I was walking along the rocks I saw this really  old  rusty ship that has probably been sitting there for years. I saw another couple of people checking the ship out, as well as I was. I really wanted to investigate more of the ship and what it looked like. So I walked up the steps and had a look.

There was some steps to go down, which meant its must of been a double décor ship. As I opened the old rusty squeaky door there was a hanging light switch just beside me to turn on. As I walked in the door, it slammed close…