100wc week #22

              …but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper…

The bell went for lunch,  I quickly ran to my locker because I was starving and I wanted food bad.

Me and a group of my friends were sitting in a circle eating our lunch together as one big group, laughing, telling jokes and being silly (like always).

My friend Alicia asked my if  I wanted a lolly, of course I had to say yes to a lolly.

” Hey, wanna lolly”? Alicia asked.

” YES please”. I replied in excitement.

As a put the lolly in my mouth… my face was like if I ate a lemon.

” Alicia!, the lolly is sour!” I said in anger.

”so” Alicia said

” But  it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper!”


100wc week #21

                    … the silence was deafening…

The silence was deafening in my ear. No one was in the room in till a hared a thump from behind the couch.

”Mum!” I yelled as I slowly walked towards the couch.

There was no sigh of my mum as I  called her, she probably was still at the store buying a few things.

As I slowly tilted my body around the couch as my fingers were trembling no one was there, then suddenly a see a small red bouncy ball just roll out from under the couch.

” Hello… who’s there”?

S.R.C Speech

Good morning classmates, today I will be talking to you about why I believe I can make it as your SRC rep, for being organized, making our school more confident, and all my participations.

Firstly, I am a very organized person. I always bring my homework in on time, and never leave it to the last minute.   For example, at home I have a homework tub were I keep all the homework stuff, such as my, homework, notes, net book that is always fully charged, my diary etc.

I can make this school more confident by helping people with something they don’t understand, and getting them right out of there comfort zone, into that one place to express their thoughts and feelings.

I would be a good SRC rep, because I always like to try new things, and always have a go at it. I also participated in some jobs in previous years, such as green team, buddies, etc.

So be for I end, I would just like to repeat that I’m organized, and my homework is in on time, and that I like to try out new things, and on that note I believe that I can make it as your SRC rep for 2015.

Thank you


100wc #20

            Sandwich   Grey   Miserable   Hyena   Climb

I was on my phone feeling kind of hungry, so I headed down stairs to make myself a sandwich. I looked outside and the clouds were grey.

When I had finished making my sandwich I headed back upstairs to my room to eat it. As I put the plate on my desk,  my phone was gone. When I went to go make a sandwich I left my phone on my bed, and when I came back it wasn’t on my bed.

Urrh it’s been such a miserable day today.