100wc week #27

                     … My Ultimate Adventure…

Today is the day I’m going on my ultimate adventure of snow boarding. I few weeks back I bought all my snow boarding gear ready for today. I am wearing my big puffy pants, a coat, snow boarding boots, a beanie and a pair of gloves. I also couldn’t forget my board.  As we arrived at the snow I took my board at the top of the snow hill and went for a fun and fast ride down. I also had a go pro camera attached to my arm with special straps to see what I looked liked going down the hill in slow motion. After the video was all put together it looked amazing.


100wc week #26

                    …as they turned the corner…

There was a circus up the street from my house,  I went with a  couple of my friends Grace and Katie. We went on this ride called the rock and roll. After woods we felt sick and dizzy so we went to get a bottle of water.

For some reason everyone was starting to leave and it was only 7:30pm. People say that there is this ” monster creature thing” near the bushes behind one of the activity tents. Grace and Katie thinks it a fake and made up thing and they wanted to go and have a look. I just said go ahead but I’m not going. As they turned they corner I was never to see them again.

Gala sports reflection 2015

Two weeks before gala sports, all the grade 5/6‘s were practicing their sport with their teams for gala sports day. There were 4 different sports you could choose from, volley ball, bat tennis, cricket and soft ball. I chose volleyball.

I was captain of my volley team, and I had to put everyone in their position of playing. The captain of the other team was Mia.  And every recess and lunch time all the volley ball players would practice before the day.

On the 6th of March was the first day of the real gala sports. The park we played at was called Fairburn Park. All volley ball players sat together, and practice hitting the ball to each other before their first game.

We played three games of volleyball in a day, and the first game my team played was against Essendon North blue, and sadly we lost our first game. Our second game was against Niddrie yellow, and we won! Everyone had done very good catches, and serves, and even digs.  And for our last game of the day we played against St Vincent’s blue, we lost.

Once both teams had finished each of their games we had breaks before our next game to eat, practice, go to the canteen, or cheer on other teams. By the end of the day everyone got back on the bus back to school.

On the 13th was the last day of gala sports. The first game my team played against was St Vincent’s yellow. And we won.  For the second game we played against Aberfeldie and one that game. And the third game we played against Strathmore north. After all three games that was it for the grade 5’s, but since it’s the last year of the grade 6’s doing gala sports they got to play a 4th game. And we played against St Vincent’s yellow.  And we one!

Overall M.P.P.S came 7th but still had a great time playing. After hearing our scores we got back on the bus to go back to school, to go home.



100wc week #24

       … then when I looked out of the plane window…

Today is the day that me and my family are going on a 2 week holiday to America! I soon as we found our seats we sat down and got comfortable for the 20 hour flight. As I was sitting on the window side, I had my pillow leaning against the window so I could have a nap, and be comfortable.

It has been about 20 hours now, and I was watching a movie on my laptop that I down loaded to watch for the long flight, until I heard that we were about to land. Then I looked out the plane window and could see the beautiful sun setting. I could already tell that this was going to be the best holiday ever.