BTN – Guide dog

3. One fact I learnt was that guide dogs aren’t like normal dogs. Guide dogs are taken practically everywhere the owner goes, and cant leave them left alone within 2 hours a a day.

Another fact I learnt was that guide dogs go to special puppy training classes which is not the easiest job, and it is not cheap. But people pay 25 000 dollars to help breed and train these dogs.

The last fact I learnt was that if you want to help be a member and help breed and train guide dogs yourself, you have to get a police check, and make sure your backyard (garden) has no poisonous plants.

2. An understanding I  now know about guide dogs is, it is common that you can only spend 1 and a half years them.

Another understanding I have is that guide dogs need to understand commands. Such as sit, come, stay, etc.

1. One question I still have is: Why do people have to bring their guide dogs everywhere with them and cant leave them alone for 2 hours?

(I also have more questions but I would like to put one more: Why do people have to leave their guide dogs after 1 and a half years?)

This BTN story was about guide dogs and their and the owners lives. It was talking about how guide dogs lives are and what they do. Guide dogs can be with it’s owners for only 1 and a half years. Also guide dogs aren’t like other normal dogs, they cant be left alone for 2 hours a day, and they have to be taken with it’s owner mainly everywhere they go. People have paid 25 000 dollars to help breed and train guide dogs, and if they want to be apart and be a member, they have to get a police check, and make sure they have a safe and suitable house, and also make sure that they have no poisonous plants in there backyard (garden)

100wc week #30

  Drum   …     Cornflake   …   Exciting  …   Lion …    Danced

Today is an exciting day because my mum is taking my to see the Lion that  danced for fun. When we got to the park there was a big crowd ready to see the lion.

As everyone had quieted down the lion came dancing out with really loud music, and everyone was cheering on and having a great time. There was a big drum that a guy was  playing behind the lion that was dancing.

After a little while the lion was eating a humongous cornflake for some weird reason.But everyone still had a great time.

BTN – Reef funding

If you would like to watch the video for yourself click the link:

This BTN story was about the dangers of what happened in the Great Barrier Reef and how it got destroyed, and then how it became back to looking beautiful and unique again.

There was a school near by the great barrier reef, and the classes were breeding on clown fish. The kids aren’t just doing it for fun, they are doing it to sell them to pet shops, and also for every tropical fish that they breed and sell it, means one less taken of Australia’s reef.

As you could imagine the reef was looking beautiful and unique, but not for long. Some things damaged the great barrier reef, such as climate change which affected the water because it would got really warm and it killed bits of coral and make the colour fade.

Since the reef had been getting treated so bad with all this nasty threats, the heritage committee were deciding weather or not it should be put on the the reef endanger list. So recently the government has thought about stepping in and give a helping hand and help save the reef. An extra 100 000 000 dollars was just for the reef to improve the water quality. And the kids were so happy to hear that the reef was back to normal and all beautiful and unique again!

I’m still wondering, approximately, how many threats are there that had hurt the great barrier reef?



100wc week #29

                           … X marks the spot…

I was cleaning my room and I found this old ripped and scrunched up map under my bed.

” I remember this map from my 5th birthday when me and my friends were playing a pirate game.”  I thought to myself.

When it was my 5th birthday some of my friends came over to wish me a happy birthday and give me my presents. And we also played this game is the back yard that was about pirates. We also had this old chest where my mum kept her old baby stuff, but we took that stuff out and put fake gold necklaces and rings and etc. So we dug a hole in the grass in the backyard and placed the chest in it and dug it back up and played the pirate game. And in our game once we had found the chest, the winner had to yell out…. X marks the spot!

100wc week #28

I was on the Ferris wheel in London.As we made it too the very top there was so many things to look at. So  I crabbed my phone and took heaps of pictures so that I could look back at the wonderful view.

I saw the beautiful sea, and so many buildings, I also saw heaps of people walking and looking around, and they looked like little ants. And I also came across these really interesting statues, there was a lady, a man, and a dog. I took a picture it because it looked really cool and I have never seen a statue like that before.

It was the best day ever!