100wc week #30

  Drum   …     Cornflake   …   Exciting  …   Lion …    Danced

Today is an exciting day because my mum is taking my to see the Lion that  danced for fun. When we got to the park there was a big crowd ready to see the lion.

As everyone had quieted down the lion came dancing out with really loud music, and everyone was cheering on and having a great time. There was a big drum that a guy was  playing behind the lion that was dancing.

After a little while the lion was eating a humongous cornflake for some weird reason.But everyone still had a great time.

4 thoughts on “100wc week #30

  1. Well done Deanne this is an interesting response to the prompt this week. I like the idea of a dancing lion but feel that the ‘cornflake’ section feels a little tagged on the end so that you could use the word? A good description of the crowd though Jane Team 100 WC Barnsley UK

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