Narrative writing – The gift

In class we had to write a narrative story based on the prompt which was ‘The gift’. My story was about a girl named Tahlia and it was her 13 birthday and she gets a gift that she wonders what it could be.

Her is where you can listen to me read my narrative story:


Tonight should be good. I say to myself. Birthdays can be a lot to handle, the food, the decorations, the set up and especially me as the birthday girl. All girls are fussy of what that should wear and what make up they should choose.

” Mum!” I yell, as I galloped down the stairs.

” I need help!, what do I wear tonight?” I say.

” Sweaty, just wear something casual, your just at home with some family and friends.” Mum replies with her hands on her hips.

” I’ve got it! I have this cute dress in my wardrobe that  haven’t warn yet!” I said to my mum with an excited face.

Later on, mum had finished putting decorations up, and setting up the food with dad on inside and outside tables. The delicious smell of the food makes me hungry and the amazing  decorations makes me happy.

Ding dong! As I walked over to the front door I play around and adjust my dress and flip my hair over my shoulder. The first people to arrive was my grandparents, I have them kisses and hugs and welcomed them inside.

Later on once everyone had arrived, they were enjoying themselves, having a laugh, and eating the delicious food. When mum brought  the cake out and dad grabbing the gifts, people started to gather around in the kitchen.

Happy… birthday… to… youuu! I closed my eyes and made a with, my hands were sweating and I was starting to get nervous. I opened my eyes and blew out all 13 candles. I had a slice of cake and it tasted like memories.

Whilst everyone was enjoying their cake, I saw my dad grabbing the first gift to pass over to me to open. Then I thought to myself, what will it be?

I hope you enjoyed my story and in the comments feel free to give me feed back. Thank you 🙂 🙂 

Simultaneous Reading day – The Brothers Quibble

The Brothers Quibble:

Simualtaneous Reading day

On the 27th of May,  Australia did the simultaneous reading day. Which was to  read a book with their whole school at the same time. And our school (Moonee Ponds Primary)  went to the multi-purpose room and one of the teachers, David, read to the whole school a new book called The Brothers Quibble. It was a really good book and everyone had a laugh  and enjoyed it.

Once we had read the book we all went back to our class rooms to do an after activity. Our class did an activity on a poem about our families.  Here’s my poem (and picture )


BTN Shakespeare

3 facts:

1. One fact I learnt was that one of Shakespeare’s  plays were based on the lion king. 

2. Another fact I learnt was that the Shakespeare’s guy was born in England in 1564, and his father was a glove maker that ended at 18 and got married to a women named Ann Hartherway. 
3. Another fact i learnt was that Shakespeare wrote 37 plays, and invented 1700 words that we still use today. 
2 understandings: 
1. One understanding I now understand is that kids are starting to like Shakespeare and when they get older they can learn more about the famous stories.
2. One last understanding I now understand is that kids still enjoy watching Shakespeare’s plays because they are fun and interesting.
1 question/wonder:
I wonder, why do people say he is the most important English writer?  

100wc week #35

                …but it made my tongue tingle…

Listen to my read:

I was eating lunch with my friends and I had some sour lollies in my lunch box because I just love sour lollies, especially  sour worms, mmmm. So that day at school when I was eating lunch with my friends, I grabbed out a sour worm and ate it. And I just the love that sour feeling once you just put it in your mouth.

Once I put it in my mouth it felt like I  was in heaven, but it made my tongue tingle, so I ran to go spit it out. And ever since then I was suspicious to eat another sour lolly again.