School Holiday Reflection

On the last Friday of the school holidays (the 2nd of October,) I went to North lands for the day with my best friend Angelica.  We went to the movies to see a new scary movie call ‘the visit’. In the middle of the movie we regretted to sit so close to the screen, but we somehow managed  the whole movie.

After the movie finished, we went shopping. We went into sports girl, valley girl, Supre and more. We both bought something each, and then just looked around shops.

After shopping for a little while we went to get some lunch. We went into Schnitz, which has really good schnitzel  and chips.

After we finished our lunch we went back to Angelica’s house. I unfortunately didn’t get to sleep over, but I did get to stay over for dinner.  While me and Angelica were waiting for dinner, we went outside to enjoy the sun. For dinner we had chicken with a side of roast potatoes and carrots. ( it was really good.)

After dinner I sadly had to go home. When we got back to my house me and Angelica begged my mum if Angelica could stay at my house for the night, so that Angelica could come to highpoint with me the next day, but she couldn’t. But we were still happy enough to see eachother for the whole day.


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