SEPEP reflection 2015

This year for the sports program we did SEPEP (soccer.) We got into different teams that we had to name to represent our groups. We also had to choose a colour that we wanted our group to be, and that every week for the sport session, we would have to be dressed in cloths that where the colour of the group we chose. My groups colour was green, and our name was ‘the green gliders’. The rest of the groups colour and names where, the teenage ninja turtles (dark green), the yellow pixels (yellow), black comics (black), the purple Vikings ( purple), The annoying oranges (orange) and the white and black bears (white and black.)

We run this sport program for kids to corporate with new people and to have fun and enjoy playing a new sport that they maybe haven’t played before.

3 facts I found interesting/surprising:

Something that surprised me during this sport program was that everyone was optimistic with something they haven’t tried before, and that they worked really well as a team.

Another thing that surprised me was that others helped each other when they were hurt or needed help to set up for the session.

One last thing that surprised me was if a team lost a game, they would still be happy for the other teams and not worrying about loosing.

2 understandings I now have:

Something I now understand is to give something a go that I don’t really like, or don’t know how to do or don’t want to do it.

Another thing I now understand is to just have fun and not worry about loosing.

1 wonder I still have:

(Dont have a wonder.)

Throughout this unit, something my team and I could of done better was to be focused on the ball when it was coming and to help each other out, by shouting out names and giving eye contact.

The most important thing I learnt was the optimistic thing. Its important to be optimistic by having a go at something new, that you might not like or have done before, or not sure how to do it. I learnt this by having a go and having fun. And in the end I loved it. What I will do with what I have learnt is to try new things that isn’t just sport and see how fun it really is.

Something I have experienced throughout the first weeks of SEPEP to the last weeks of SEPEP is that, at the start I dint know how to play soccer and that I was nerves to, but in the kast weeks of it I wasn’t nerves any more and that I gradually go better at it each week.

To conclude, having a go at something you haven’t tried before and don’t really want to do is really important because you will end up liking it and want to do it more.

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