Buddie exursion reflection- Botanic gardens 2015

Today on the 9th of December the year 5/6’s and the prep buddies went on an excursion to the Royal Botanic gardens.

When we got to the botanic gardens we had booklets given to us that we had to write in with our buddies about the different senses of what we could see, hear, smell and feel.  We started off by going to the lake to get information to write in our booklets. The things we could see were trees, plants, ducks, green things, a tower in the distance, the lake (of course) and a canoe/boat. The things that we could hear were ducks and peoples voices. What we could smell was different kinds of plants and fresh water and air. And lastly for feel, we could feel the rough and spiky grass, and the wind hitting us.

Also whilst we were at the lake we had to fill in a table that were in our booklets. We had to see how many black swans we could see, how many black ducks we could see, how many Eurasian Coots we could see, how many Dusky Moorhens we could see and how many Eels we could see.

We then sat down all together to eat recess before moving on to the next place, we went to the herb garden. The herb garden was full of different plants that have different sents. For the booklets we had to do the same thing like we did at the lake. What we saw was lots of plants, trees, flowers and flies and bugs. We could hear lots of voices and foot steps on the brick ground. We could smell different types of plants such as mint leaves, lemon verbena leaves and pineapple sage leaves. And for feel, we could feel flowers such as the petals which were silky and soft. And also smooth and fuzzy purple flowers.

The last stop we went to was the fern gully. And once again we did another what we could see, hear, smell and feel. We could see lots of trees surrounding us, and we also saw lots of different plants again. We could hear water splashing and birds chirping. We could smell the same things as all the other smells, and we felt soft and smooth tree branches.

After exploring around we went to a nice spot to each our lunch altogether again like we did at recess. We played some games with all the grade 5/6’s and prep buddies. we sat in a really big circle and played duck duck goose. It was so fun to see all the preps having fun and enjoying their day. After duck duck goose we played one more game together which was toilet tigy.

After lunch and playing some games we got on the bus back to school. Over all it was a fun day out with our prep buddies.

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