BTN – Fairy Business

A fact I learnt is that there are tips/techniques to use when getting your own business. Firstly you would need a unique idea that people like. Another tip/technique is that people need to know about your business. And lastly you have to know how much your business is making.

I like the idea of people starting to make their own businesses because it can be fun, and you get money that you need from it. I also understand this because people need money to spend on important things in life.


Poetry – six room process

Today we did a lesson on poetry. We learnt about the six room process. The goal was ”I understand and experiment with sound devices and imagery in poetry.”  We then talked about each room and wrote down information on each room so we knew what to write about when we got up to the application.

Room 1 – IMAGE/PHOTOGRAPH – Think of something that is amazing, beautiful or interesting to you.

Room 2 – LIGHT – Look at the same image, but write about the colours, how does it look? Light, dark, hazy, shiny?

Room 3 – SOUND – What can you hear? voices? Silence? Movement? Lonely? Peaceful?

Room 4 –  Do you have any questions about your image? What do you want to know more about?

Room 5 – What are you feeling?

Room 6 – Look over previous rooms and ideas, and choose a word, a lone or phrase that feels important and repeat it 3 times.

For our application, we went through each room one by one, and closed our eyes and had to think of what we are seeing and hearing and feeling etc. We then wrote down our ideas until we got finished all 6 rooms.

Then we had to write a quick poem reflecting on all 6 rooms that we wrote for the application.

My poem:

The bright blue ocean,

Sparkling into my eyes.

The sound of the seagulls flying by,

So bright and colourful, why? why? why?

So calm and peaceful. 

Lastly to end our lesson, we had to write a goal reflection. Our goal reflection was ‘What was something you learnt’ and ‘ what was something you found challenging/difficult.

My goal reflection;

In this lesson I learnt the different ways to write a poem. On how your feeling, what you see, what you hear etc. Something I found challenging was room 4, because didn’t really know what questions to ask.


BTN Greece in Trouble

In Greece a lot of people are having some bad times because they are always spending money, and now have lost lots of it. I understand what’s going on because It would be a hard time for the people in Greece because they won’t be able to pay things for the bank and other things too. Also some of the other European countries had to lend some money to Greece, so that they can pay for things for the bank, and to keep up. I understand this because the European countries want to help Greece get through this mess, but they will also have to get their money back soon. I still wonder, will Greece pay back the amount of money that the European countries gave to Greece for help? 

100wc Million Dollars!

I get home from a long day of school. I put my school bag and school books down next to the front door, and walk into the kitchen for a snack. As I walk over to the fridge, I see a sticky note stuck to it. It says: ”If your reading this, your in luck, walk into your room and you shall see something special, yes indeed.”

” um… okay..?” I say to myself. ” that’s a bit strange.”

As I walk upstairs to my bedroom door (that I never leave closed) I see another sticky note on it saying: Enjoy your gift! I open the door and I see a big pile of money! I was speechless.



100wc – I wish I had known you when…

I wish I had known you when…..


I wish I had known you when I needed help.

I wish I had known you when I was feeling down.

I wish I had known you when I needed some company.

I wish I had known you when I was crying.

I wish I had known you when I had bad luck,

I wish I had known you when I needed some luck.

I wish I had known you when no one was around.

I wish I had known you when I needed someone around.

My one wish is… I wish you were here with me today, but all I can say is, you are in  heaven now, with some luck and love along the way.

BTN – GST Changes

I learnt that tax is a big part of  our lives. And that the government uses them too pay for different kinds of important things. Also the GST stands for goods and services tax. Goods, is the advantage to someone or something. And services, is a system supplying a public need such as transport, communications, or utilities such as electricity and water. Finally, the GST makes up 10% of the price, which we pay for goods. And services, which is people doing things for us. (didn’t have a question/wonder.) 

Blue= Facts/recalls 

Green= Understandings 

BTN – Tree Day

I learnt that, trees are good for the environment because they turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, (and we breath in oxygen, and breath out carbon dioxide.) Also trees are the opposite to what we do, trees take in carbon dioxide from the air through their leaves. And trees help us to breath and they are also a big help to the planet. I think it was a great idea for primary schools to plant trees in the yards, because it’s a great way to help the environment. And trees are an amazing help for us to breath and to help with the environment, so I think its so cool that trees can do that. But I still wonder, how long can trees really live for? 

Blue = Facts/recalls 

Green = Understandings 

Red = Question/wonder 

100wc Bungee Jumping

Listen to me read my story:

I was about to do it, taking the risk of bungee jumping for my first time.The workers were locking me into the harness,Then I started to have butterflies in my stomach. So many things were on my mind at the time, me falling, the harness coming undone or something else dangerous.

” Are you ready?” The man said

” Umm… yess.. (I guess)…” I replied with fear.


”Okay I can do this,how bad can it be?” I say to myself

The guy let me go and I felt like a bird, after all,bungee jumping was a great risk I could take.


BTN – School economics

Listen to me read:

A fact I learnt is that the school education minister, wants to start economics lessons in primary schools, and it’s to teach kids what they need to know, and what they will do when they get jobs for the future. And the money you would  get paid from a job you have, it  would be used to buy a car loan, house loan, applying for a credit card and tax return.  understand that the government wants kids in primary school to learn about economics because, they want kids to spend their money for in the future well and know what to spend it on. I also understand that the government did this because they want kids to learn and understand more on economics, not just what they will do with their lives in their futures. I wonder, how long has economics been around for in Australia? 

BLUE = Facts 

GREEN = Understandings

RED = Question/wonder

BTN Pluto

A fact that I learnt is that Pluto was discovered in 1930. Also Pluto is compared to a dwarf planet. Pluto is 5 billion kilometres which is really far away. I really like the idea that people took pictures of the new horizon of Pluto, and that it was good and clear for people to see Pluto and take pictures of it. One question I have is, would people still would like to take pictures of other planets not just Pluto?